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work in progress

In my second year at the Kiev School of Photography, we had a task – creating a photo book. My fellow practitioner Yevgenia Krasnook, after reading my facebook post “Swim Against the Stream”, called me and said that she had been swimming against the stream for the past seven years – this project was the beginning of our collaborative partnership.

With this book, we wanted to talk a little about the lives of these unusual children, about the feelings of parents, about the family, and about the most important things.

I am grateful to Alla Yutkina, whose family trusted us and allowed to look into their world. They warmed us with the light of their eyes and the strength of their hearts.
This project is an ongoing work in progress.

From Alla:
I am a mother.
When you first see your baby in the hospital, it is the most ideal creature for you. He is as beautiful as all the babies in the maternity ward. He is yours – he is the best.
When a child’s mother first hears the diagnosis of “authentic spectrum disorder” – “autism” … what she is feeling at this moment, no one can know. When, without warning, you become a “plane pilot” that does not have instructions of how to control it… and only your intuition, only faith, support of loved ones and love remain with you.
I love my Timothy, he is special. This year he went to school, he is in the second grade. Recently, a schoolteacher told me: “Do you know that your boy is a star of the class?”
I’m just a mom, real, not perfect.
And I am grateful …